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Romania’s inflation rises to 10.2% in March


Consumer prices increased by 1.8% in March, dragged up by a 2.54% advance in the food prices. The annual inflation rate advanced to 10.2% YoY compared to 8.5% YoY in February, the statistics office INS announced.

The advance was steeper than expected, even if the National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced an upward revision of the projected inflation forecast, and it will predictably accelerate the monetary policy tightening.

„Inflation accelerated above the median of the Bloomberg poll of 9.60% and above our 9.59% forecast. The forecast error on our side came almost exclusively from basic foods,” according to Ciprian Dascălu, chief economist of BCR, according to Romania-Insider.com.

The price of edible oil increased by 5.9% in March alone, while the price of flour and bakery increased by 4%-5% in the month as well.

Food prices increased by 11.2% YoY as of March, non-food prices by 10.9% YoY, and services’ prices by 6.5% YoY.