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PM Cîțu: Mask is mandatory until 10 mln get vaccinated against Covid-19


Romania’s Prime Minister, Florin Cîțu said on Thursday that wearing a mask would no longer be mandatory once Romania reaches the target of getting 10 million people vaccinated against COVID-19, according to Romania-Insider.

The Prime Minister explained that the date of June 1 does not represent the moment when we are completely back to normal, but it is in the right direction to overcome the pandemic.

„It is a little early to give up the mask by June 1. […] We should think about giving up the mask after reaching that target of 10 million vaccinated citizens, until then it does not make sense to talk it,” said Cîțu.

According to the official report on Thursday, a total of 2,86 million people received the COVID-19 vaccine in Romania with 1,14 million receiving the first dose and 1,71 million receiving both doses.

The coordinator of the National Vaccination Campaign, Valeriu Gheorghita said that over 3,000 family doctors have also joined the COVID-19 vaccination program. 

Family doctors will start to vaccinate people from May 4 and they will use in the first stage vaccines produced by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.