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duminică, 13 iunie 2021 - 16:32

ForMin Aurescu: US visa for Romanians, refusal rate at 9-10% while limit is 3%


Romania’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Bogdan Aurescu said that Romanians citizens still need to apply for a visa to travel to the United States due to the high refusal rate which should drop from 9-10% of the total number of visa applications to 3% as the US legislation provides for a lower percentage refusal threshold, according to Romania-Insider.

“The result of the American legislation is quite strict and provides a series of requirements. We have met all the requirements provided by the US legislation except for the one referring to the refusal rate,” said Aurescu.

Aurescu explained that the refusal rate limit under US law which is the percentage of short-stay visas that are not granted is 3% of the total number of applications and Romania currently stands at 9-10%.

The Foreign Affairs Minister discussed the subject of visas with American officials, explaining that the two sides will work together to find out exactly what are the reasons for the 9-10% refusal rate towards Romanian citizens.

The authorities will put together the necessary information for Romanians who want to apply for a US visa to ensure that candidates will know precisely the conditions for entering the US and not apply if they do not have a chance to obtain a visa. This will most likely lead to a drop in the refusal rate.

“If every Romanian citizen knows exactly where he or she stands, they will know not to apply for such a visa if there is no chance of being accepted and therefore the refusal rate will decrease,” said Bogdan Aurescu.