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The Ukrainian army used cluster bombs against the separatists (HRW)


HRW stated that the rebels used submunition bombs as well


The Human Rights Watch NGO (HRW) denounced the use of cluster bombs by the Ukrainian army against the pro-Russian separatists in the east, AFP informs.

The New York-based organization said in a report that they found “the repeated use of cluster munitions in the fight between the government forces and the pro-Russian rebels in more than 12 places, both in cities and provinces”.

Although it is impossible to determine the origin of most of these attacks, „some evidence suggests that the Ukrainian governmental forces are responsible for several attacks in Donetsk”, the main separatist stronghold, said HRW.

The attack which resulted in the death of a Red Cross worker on the 2nd of October in Donetsk was conducted with submunition-based rockets, added the organization.

Contacted by AFP, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense has rejected these allegations “which are without foundation”. “Ukrainian soldiers have not used this type of ammunition” said spokesman Bogdan Senyk.

Ukrainian pro-western authorities, which are facing early legislative elections on Sunday, are caught between the need to make peace and the part of the public opinion which wants a strong offensive against the separatists.

HRW stated that the rebels would have used submunition bombs as well, but these elements are not sufficient to have certainty in this regard.

Ukraine, like the US and Russia, did not sign the treaty in 2008 for banning cluster munitions.