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Study: 50% of Romanians satisfied with family relationships and work environments


In Romania, 50% of Romanians said they are satisfied with their relationships with family and friends, current job and the work environment and are content with their mood towards these areas. Only 10% showed dissatisfaction with these relationships, according to a study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research.

By socio-demographic categories, the appreciation of relationships with family and friends showed statistically significant differences only based on marital status as Middle-aged single people seem to be more satisfied with their relationships with family and friends (63%) compared to young people with higher education and high income (45%).

The study revealed that young professionals are very happy with their relationship with their partner. In 2020 Romanians relationship with their partner showed a low level of positivity  due to a state of low spirits but from February 2021, the year reported higher levels of satisfaction on a consistent basis.

The highest level of satisfaction of relationships with the partner was found in younger people with higher education and high income (47%).

According to the analysis, satisfaction occurs mainly among the segments with education and high income (70%) and among young professionals (50%). On the other hand, those who felt dissatisfied are traditional families (36%) and single middle-aged people (32%).

The study shows that the aspects related to Romanians emotional state and to the creation of a framework that motivates through intrinsic aspects are starting to matter a lot more.

The study was conducted between February and June on a nationally representative sample (urban and rural). The interviews were conducted online. The margin of error is +/- 3%.