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vineri, 14 mai 2021 - 0:47

Starting June 1st, smoking in public places has been banned in Beijing




Over one million Chinese citizens die every year from smoking. Because of this, smoking in restaurants, offices, and public transport is now prohibited throughout Beijing. The ban also covers areas in and around schools and hospitals.

Restaurant staff must tell people not to smoke. If they refuse to stop smoking, a case can be filed against them. Restaurants which do not do this will receive a fine. Anyone who disobeys the law will have to pay anywhere between 10 and 200 Yuan (1.5 USD to 32.5 USD). Repeat offenders’ names will apparently be posted up on a government website as a side punishment for their offence.

Tobacco advertising in public places and in the mass media is not allowed as well.

Cătuşanu Octavian

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