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sâmbătă, 25 mai 2024 - 5:32
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Scorching heat, thunderstorms to grip most of Romania for two days


The National Weather Administration (ANM) issued on Monday a Code Yellow and Code Orange warning sign of unstable weather around most of Romania, according to Agerpres.

The forecast shows a Code Yellow warning of scorching heat and thermal discomfort on Monday in the regions of Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea and southern Moldavia with the temperature-humidity index (ITU) will exceed critical 80.

In the south-eastern parts of the country, discomfort due to the heat will remain high on Tuesday. 

According to meteorologists, a second Code Yellow will remain from Monday to Tuesday at 10:00hrs as a warning of temporary unstable weather in most parts of the country.

There will be torrential showers, thunderstorms, strong winds and hail. Rain will exceed 20-30 l/sq.m., sparsely up to 40 l/ sq.m.

Between Monday 14:00hrs and Tuesday 10:00, there will be Code Orange of unstable weather in the mountainous areas in Transylvania, Maramures, the northern half of Moldavia.

The evening of Monday and Tuesday torrential downpours, thunderstorms  and hail will occur in some places around Banat, most of Oltenia and northwest Muntenia. Rain will accumulate at 35-50 l/sq.m., up to and including over 60-80 l/sq.m sparsely.

In addition Tuesday at 10:00hrs to Wednesday at noon, a Yellow Code of atmospheric instability will cover almost the whole country, mainly around the northern, north-eastern, central and south-eastern parts of Romania as well as the highlands.