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miercuri, 20 octombrie 2021 - 2:47

Romania’s president invites political parties to discuss new cabinet


Romania‘s president Klaus Iohannis announced that he has invited all parliamentary represented political parties for consultations on the formation of a new government starting next week after the liberal cabinet of Florin Cîțu lost a no-confidence vote on Tuesday, according to See News. 

“In order to give parties time to meet at their internal fora, to find a mature approach and to come up with it during the consultations, I will convene talks next week,” Iohannis said in a news conference on Tuesday evening.

“We must find a solution, Romania must be governed. The pandemic, the electricity prices crisis, winter approaching, all this must be handled by someone. This someone, obviously, is the government,” added Iohannis.

Following consultations, the president will propose a new prime minister, who will then have to win a confidence vote in parliament. If the parliament refuses twice to endorse the president’s nominations for prime minister, the head of state can dissolve parliament and call early elections. Meanwhile, Citu’s cabinet will act as interim.

The liberal cabinet lost a no-confidence vote in parliament on Tuesday. Of 318 MPs present, 281 supported the no-confidence motion submitted by PSD.