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duminică, 11 aprilie 2021 - 13:14

Dozens of fines handed out in Bucharest as COVID-19 cases rise

Romanian police handed out dozens of fines in Bucharest on Wednesday evening in shops and restaurants as new restrictions aimed to slow the spread of the virus, according to universal.net.

Police said they had carried 127 checks throughout the city and had handed out 56 fines of 90,000 lei, about 19,000 euros in three hours.

The number of COVID-19 infections has risen in the capital and is now 6,322 cases per 1,000 inhabitants recorded over a rolling 14-day period. There were just under 1,100 new cases on Wednesday in the city of 2 million.

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday said he wasn’t in favour of a lockdown and would prefer extra measures where there are crowds.

“Probably the opening hours of shops and malls will have to be changed,” Iohannis said.

“We focused on all the different areas of the capital, better known and less known areas. We want to be sure that whatever the district, a few simple rules have to be respected: masks, physicals distancing and disinfecting hands. (…) We all want to return to normal life and we have to unite efforts because only together can we succeed,” police said in a statement.