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Vladimir Putin: Any new sanctions against Russia will have serious effects on Ukraine


Western countries have warned that they are considering imposing new sanctions against Russia, in the context of the Ukraine crisis


Any additional sanctions imposed by the West on Russia could have serious consequences for Ukraine’s economy, warned Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview for the ARD German TV station.

Russian banks have lent 25 billion to the Ukrainian economy. If our European and American partners want to help Ukraine, then how can they affect the financial basis, limiting the access of Russian financial institutions in the global capital markets? They want to cause the bankruptcy of Russian banks? In this case they will cause the bankruptcy of Ukraine. We gave Ukraine a loan of 3 billion dollars a year ago, provided that the total debt of this country does not exceed 60% of its GDP. Otherwise, the Russian Ministry has the right to demand an early repayment. If we do this thing, the whole Ukrainian financial system will crash. But we have already decided that we won’t do that. We do not want to aggravate the situation, we want Ukraine to recover

Vladimir Putin