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Man ‘killed by bear’ in Romania after he went for a run in the mountains


The police said that a 39-year-old man who went for a run in the mountains died after he was apparently attacked and killed by a bear in the Azuga area, according to universul.net.

The man’s father called the police Monday morning after his son did not return home on Sunday.

Throughout Monday mountain rescue team with their dogs searched the Azuga area in the Carpathians, they found his body in the evening.

The Prahova County Police said in a statement that the unnamed man appeared to have been attacked by the bear that caused his death.

“Initial evidence shows the man was attacked by a wild animal, most likely a bear. An autopsy will be carried out,” said the Police.

There are an estimated 6,000 brown bears in Romania. Bear hunting was banned in 2016.

Most bears are found in the Transylvania region and sometimes go onto farms, villages and towns in search of food. In 2019, six people were killed by bears in Romania, with dozens of non-fatal attacks also reported.