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Journalist James Foley had converted to Islam


American journalist James Foley and British journalist John Cantlie had converted to Islam after two weeks of detention

james foley

James Foley, the American journalist decapitated by the Islamic State terrorist organization, and British journalist John Cantlie, currently being held hostage in Syria, had converted to Islam, a Belgian Islamist says, stating that the two were forced to adopt Mohammedanism, according to AFP.

Jejoen Bontinck, a 19 year old Belgian who converted to Islam, was arrested in October 2013 on his return from Syria, being charged with belonging to a terrorist group.

In front of the investigators, the young man said that he had been detained in a prison in Aleppo by the Islamic State terrorist group, which suspected him of espionage.

„Foley and Cantlie were kidnapped by the Al-Nusra Front”, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda. „The two were moved several times and were tortured by the terrorist group, after which they were handed over to the Islamic State group”, Bontinck explained.

„After two weeks in detention, the two were converted to Islam. They told me that they didn’t live exemplary lives, that they didn’t respect their mothers very much” said Jejoen Bontinck.

„But it is very possible that they were forcibly converted to Islam”, said the Islamist.

On the 19th of August, the Islamic State jihadist group posted a video in which they presented the beheading of American journalist James Foley. After two weeks, the jihadist group executed his colleague, Steven Sotloff. Subsequently, on the 14th of September, the Islamic State claimed the execution of British humanitarian worker David Haines.

British journalist John Cantlie is currently being held hostage.