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joi, 30 mai 2024 - 4:24
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Internet Explorer is finally being shut down


After 20 years of being „the best browser to download better browsers”, IE is finally being removed from the next Windows


The announcement was made at the 2015 Microsoft Convergence by Chris Capossela, Microsoft Marketing Chief.

There is currently no name for the new browser, but it has been nicknamed „Project Spartan”, in reference to Master Chief, from the Halo series.


The guys at Microsoft are saying that it will be many more times faster and user-friendly than its father, Internet Explorer.  It will also have a lot of new features, including the ability to draw directly on the webpage (both for touch screens and PCs), to leave comments on the webpage, to share it, to search things based on what it contains, etc. When you search for the weather, for example, a widget-like box will appear below the address bar, showing you the current weather. Same thing goes for directions.

It will also be the only browser to have Cortana implemented. ‘What’s that?’, you ask? Well, it’s kind of a personal assistant for smartphones running Windows Mobile OS. It, they say, will make your life a lot easier when browsing the web in Windows 10. If you’re on a pizza places’ webpage for example, it will pop-up and give you directions, schedule, reviews, the option to make a reservation, etc.

A lot of features were presented, but not much about how it operates, except for the all-new rendering engine.

It all sounds good on paper, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it works.