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Health Ministry officials are making plans for third wave of COVID-19


Doctor Andreea Moldovan, Deputy Minister of Health, told TV station Digi 24 that the new COVID-19 wave would be caused by “the British strain of the COVID-19 virus, but we should also consider the mutation from South Africa.”

„We must think that the third wave is likely to happen here, especially because it is extremely contagious, we are currently discussing it,” she added, quoted by Universal.net.

“It will concern the reorganization of the COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 hospital system. The Romanian health authorities are preparing for a third wave of the pandemic,” Moldovan explains.

“We need to adapt to what we have now, a drop in the number of cases – but also allows for the possibility that, if the number of cases increases, we can quickly reverse to offering access to COVID-19 patients, and especially the quality care. We are working on it, and we hope to have a plan for this next week,” Moldovan said, quoted by Romania-Insider.