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luni, 10 mai 2021 - 5:28

EIB to lend €24m to Bucharest Medical University to enhance facilities

The European Investment Bank (EIB) said on Wednesday that it has agreed to loan Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest 24million euro to enhance research, academic and student facilities, according to seenews.com

EIB will support a total of 48million euro of investments to upgrade facilities at Romania’s largest medical school, transforming the medical research capabilities. It is committed to transforming research and education investment at higher education institutions in Romania.

The investment includes the refurbishment of the faculty of medicine and the construction of two new-dedicated medical research centres. The EIB financing will also support energy investment work across the university campus.

“The EIB loan responds to the current needs of the University to modernize the teaching environment and research facilities and will accelerate the development, digitalisation and internalisation of our University,” said rector Viorel Jinga.

“The loan will transform the learning environment, support the education of thousands of students, and strengthen the medical research while creating hundreds of new jobs. This extraordinary investment will contribute to the increase of quality standards in higher education,” said the Minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu.

The loan is the second agreement that has been approved as part of the EIB’s 100 million euro Higher Education Programme Loan to support university investments in Romania which was endorsed in 2020, following a 21 million euro loan to the Technical University of Cluj-Napoc.