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COVID-19: Romania introduces new restrictions to manage public health risk


Romania‘s National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) on Friday announced additional restrictions to manage the public health risk caused by a large number of COVID-19 infections, according to Agerpres.

Under the restrictions to begin Monday, CNSU proposes a 30-day curfew from 22:00hrs to 05:00hrs with certain exceptions and has prohibited providing trade and services in enclosed and/or open spaces from 21:00hrs to 05:00hrs for 30 days.

The indoor and outdoor activities of businesses, restaurants and cafes will be capped at 50% of maximum occupancy from 05:00hrs to 21:00hrs.

CNSU stated that mask-wearing is mandatory in all enclosed and open public spaces, workplaces and on public transport. There is be a 30-day prohibition of activities in bars, clubs and private functions (weddings, baptism parties, festive meals, concerts and shows).

Access to all public activities and events for the next 30 days should be restricted only to persons vaccinated against or having recovered from COVID-19.

Green passes will become mandatory in many public places, in state institutions and in offices. People who have been tested or can show they have had the virus in the last six months will also be allowed access.

The CNSU recommends 50% of the workforce be allowed to work from home or remotely and the participation of spectators in sports competitions has also been banned.

President Klaus Iohannis has called on people to get vaccinated again, saying this is the only way to get rid of the pandemic.