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BVB: Purcari Wineries maintained in the MSCI Romania Small Cap Index


Purcari Wineries Plc announced on Tuesday that it would remain included in the MSCI Romania Small Cap Index after MSCI’s quarterly index review, according to a press release published by the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

In 2023, the Group was one of the top-performing firms in the BET Index, with a 69% gain. It finished the preliminary fiscal year with a 22% revenue growth, reaching RON 369.5 million, and a 45% increase in normalized net profit, attaining RON 59.6 million.

„Purcari Wineries will maintain its position as one of the top-ranked businesses in the BET Index in 2024, owing to its strong liquidity compared to market capitalization,” the company stated.

As per the most recent evaluation of the MSCI Romania Small Cap, Purcari Wineries Public Company Limited is one of the 26 listed firms that make up the frontier index, according to MSCI. 

The Group is one of the largest wine and brandy groups in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) Region and has been listed under the symbol WINE on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since February 2018.