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luni, 25 octombrie 2021 - 1:50

Yazidi women publicly raped before being released


216 prisoners were recently released by the IS


Yazidism is a religion linked to ancient Mesopotamia. They believe that the world is protected by God and seven angels, and that one of those angels was cast out of Heaven for not bowing down to Adam. They are viewed as “devil-worshipers” by Muslim extremists, who interpret the angel as a “fallen” one.

Yazidi women were kidnapped and sold to IS fighters into slavery. They were then forced to convert to Islam or die.

Before releasing the 216 Yazidi prisoners, members of the Islamic State publicly tortured and raped several of the women. Among the hostages there were 55 under-aged boys and girls.

After being subjected to such abuse, the women are in a weak mental state.

If you come and sit with the girls you will find different stories from girl to girl. A lot of them have been sold to ISIS fighters, they have been raped in […] public, and by more than two or three people at a time. They were tortured, beaten and subject to any type of violence

Ziyad Shammo Khalaf
chairman for the Relief Committee Within Initiative for Ezidis around the World