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VICE journalists arrested in Turkey on TERRORISM charges


Vice News was founded in December 2013 by Vice Media, Inc. It mainly broadcasts documentaries about current events, but also posts investigative reports that other sources don’t cover as thorough. They are known for reporting on stories regarding the Islamic State, the anti-government protests in Venezuela, Global Warming, the situation at Guantanamo Bay, so on and so forth.

To do so, Vice News sends journalists at the scene, in order to properly document and represent the situation. British journalists Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury were reporting on the clashes that were taking place between the Kurdish separatists and the Turkish security forces, in Diyarbakir, South-East Turkey.

The journalists were initially rounded up on charges of filming without government accreditation. But, when they arrived to the police station, they were questioned by the anti-terrorism police. The four crew members were in contact with militants of the PKK (Kurdish Worker’s Party), in order to cover their side of the story as well. The Turkish government sees this as an act of terrorism, at least on the surface. But other reports state that this is just an almost obvious attempt to silence journalists that are trying to cover these events.

A number of organizations from around the globe are asking for the release of the journalists, as well as their driver and fixer.

It is completely proper that that journalists should cover this important story. The decision to detain the journalists was wrong, while the allegation of assisting the Islamic State is unsubstantiated, outrageous, and bizarre – Amnesty International


Talking to all parties involved in a conflict is just good journalism. Being ‘in close contact’ with their sources is what reporters do. The renewed clashes between Turkish security forces and Kurdish separatists in the volatile southeast are of public interest to both domestic and international audiences. Authorities ought to protect — not gag — journalists on the job – CPJ (The Committee To Protect Journalists)

A spokesperson for Vice News stated that the four will appear in court today (Monday, 31st of August) on ‘unsubstantiated charges of terrorism’.

Cătuşanu Octavian

Sursa foto: Vice