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luni, 17 mai 2021 - 0:28

Vaccination marathon organised in first-tier Romanian cities


Around 4,000 people on Sunday morning were vaccinated in the three-day “vaccination marathon” in Timisoara,  authorities prepared 10,000 Pfizer doses for the event and arranged 30 vaccination points which were open for 24 hours, according to Romania-Insider.

The event will happen again in Bucharest from May 7 to May 9,  people will have the opportunity to get the first dose of the vaccine with no prior scheduling.

“For the first time, we obtained approval for the vaccination to be done with the ID card only, on the spot without scheduling on the online platform. There are over 500 volunteers who have helped in this action, and we hope that this will help us get closer to normality and freedom,” said The Head of the ATI Department at Timisoara County Hospital, Dr Dorel Sandesc.

“Between May 7 to May 9, there will be a vaccination marathon in Bucharest. Most likely, the locations will be two: the Palace Hall and the National Library [both locations in downtown Bucharest, not far from each other]. We must combine this medical event with a social and cultural one. Only the identity card will be needed,” said the Head of the National Vaccination campaign, Dr Valeriu Gheorghita.

Close to 3 million Romanians have been vaccinated so far. The current vaccination pace is close to 90,000 people per day.