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joi, 22 aprilie 2021 - 2:55

University of Bucharest expelled 45 law students for cheating

Marian Preda, the Rector of the University of Bucharest, announced on Tuesday that 45 first-year law students who cheated in the winter exams have been expelled from the Faculty of Law.

“The Council of the Faculty of Law, comprised of the best-reputed law experts nationally, voted by a large majority, in favor of the expulsion proposal.  I wouldn’t want us to easily get over the moral aspect of this situation,” Rector Marian Preda was quoted as saying according to Agerpres.

“In my capacity as Rector of the University of Bucharest, I validate the expulsion proposal following the fraud found with a large majority by the Council of the Faculty of Law. Today’s students of the Faculty of Law are the ones who will serve justice in the future and a state governed by the rule of law needs correct, honest, good law professionals,” the Rector said.

The Rector of the Bucharest University added that he carefully pondered on the expulsion proposal submitted by the Council of the Faculty of Law and that he also discussed the matter with his fellow Deputy Rectors.

His opinion is that no software can replace the integrity and morality of a person sitting in front of a computer.

Rector Marian Preda added, “it is a difficult situation for the university and for me as rector, but also as a professor and parent, which I would have liked to be able to avoid through prevention measures.”