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duminică, 5 decembrie 2021 - 17:12
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Two boys were hanged by the Islamic State for breaking fast on Ramadan



Ramadan is considered the holy month of prayer, fasting and introspection. During the holy month, Muslims are forbidden from eating, drinking, smoking and having sex, from sunrise to sunset.

The Islamic State is well-known for its extreme views on Islamic laws, known as sharia. They hang, behead, crucify, whip and torture people who do not follow their laws precisely.

Reportedly, two under-aged boys have been hanged from a crossbar near the Hissba headquarters. They had been suspended there since noon and were still there in the evening. The two suffered this fate because they were caught eating.

Placards were hung around their necks, reading “They broke the fast without having a religious justification”

The Jihadists have a strict penal-code that has been recently published:

  • Blasphemy against Allah: Death
  • Blasphemy against the Prophet Mohamed: Death – even if the accuser repents
  • Blasphemy against Islam: Death
  • Adultery: Stoning until death in case the adulterer was married and 100 lashes and exile if he or she were unmarried.
  • Sodomy (homosexuality): Death for the person committing the act, as well as for the one receiving it.
  • Theft: Cutting off the hand
  • Drinking alcohol: 80 lashes
  • Slandering: 80 lashes
  • Spying for the unbelievers: Death
  • Apostasy: Death
  • Banditry:
  • 1: Murder and stealing: Death and crucifixion
  • 2: Murder only: Death
  • 3: Stealing (as part of banditry): Cutting off the right hand and the left leg
  • 4: Terrorizing people: Exile

Octavian Cătușanu

Sursa foto: jihadwatch.org