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Timișoara close to return to lockdown as COVID-19 cases rise


The Mayor of Timișoara Dominic Fritz announced on Wednesday that the number of COVID-19 cases in the city is rising and that there are no more intensive care beds in the city’s hospitals, according to Romania-Insider. 

Fritz suggested that the city may need a new quarantine to reduce the crisis. He called on citizens as well as owners of restaurants, shops, and gyms to comply with the prevention regulations as the quarantine measures would have a negative impact on the entire community.

Fritz suggested that putting Timișoara alone under quarantine would not be sufficient and that the measure should be extended to the whole country. 

The county of Timis reported 415 new cases on Wednesday, the second-highest number of fresh cases after Bucharest.

„I believe that the lockdown would not achieve the effect we want, having Timișoara on lockdown is a feasible solution only if it is applied to the whole county with strict controls,” stated mayor Dominic Fritz.