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luni, 18 octombrie 2021 - 8:15

Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets in Budapest, protesting against Prime Minister Viktor Orban


On Friday night, thousands of people have once again protested in Budapest against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, denouncing what they perceive to be the failure of the political elite

budapest protest

The protesters were carrying posters condemning Orban, whose popularity has seriously fallen in the last months, despite three election victories in 2014.

The crowd, made up of approximately 5.000 people according to estimates of an AFP photographer, was protesting in front of the Budapest Opera House.

The demonstrators expressed concern regarding politics which are driving the country away from the West and are strengthening ties with Russia. Others have highlighted the matter of the government policy of centralization in education and public administration. The people strongly criticized the political elite who are running the country since the fall of communism, 25 years ago.

The demonstrations have been shaking Hungary since October, after Orban’s conservative Government proposed a fee to use the Internet. The project has since been abandoned.

But the meetings held at regular intervals against corruption and Orban’s closeness with Russian President Vladimir Putin keep the pressure tight on the almighty right-winged leader. The organizers have called for another demonstration on the 1st of February, on the eve of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to Budapest.