The third season of the political thriller House of Cards is starting

    The Underwoods, the Machiavellian couple of the hit series House of Cards, are returning to TV on Friday


    The third season of the show will be broadcasted on Netflix, according to AFP. The platform will show the full 13 episodes, which will allow fans to see them all at once.

    At the end of Season 2, viewers left Frank Underwood as the US President, after winning with onerous political maneuvers. In Season 3 of this political thriller, the machinations, including crimes, will continue, according to the promos.

    „President Underwood is fighting to perpetuate his legacy”, says the voice in the trailer. His wife Claire (Robin Wright) “wants to play the role of the First Lady. The biggest thread is facing each other”, the voice continues.

    According to the selected images, the marriage of the two Machiavellian protagonists is going through some rough times amid political and diplomatic problems which the new President will have to resolve, with the help, obviously, of manipulation and cynicism.