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The selfie that ended up in a disaster




Last March, two American tourists carved their initials in the Roman Colosseum, then took a selfie in front of them.

That seems like nothing compared to what two tourists ended up doing to the ‘Statue of the two Hercules’. In an attempt to take the ‘ultimate selfie’, they climbed the 300-year-old statue. Upon reaching the top of it, they accidentally knocked the statue’s crown on the floor, shattering it into dozens of pieces.


The tourists, whose names and nationalities have not yet been released, are in the custody of the police. Their sentences have not yet been set.

The absolutely priceless statue is considered Cremona’s emblem. A team of experts has been brought to the site in order to assess the damage and to establish whether or not the statue can be fixed.


Sursa foto: news.artnet.com, Daily Mail Online