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luni, 20 septembrie 2021 - 19:41

The President of Italy is resigning


Giorgio Napolitano announced his resignation during the end-of-year speech


Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, who is 89 years old, has announced his resignation during the speech at the end of the year, justifying the decision on old age and asking for the continuation of the reforms, according to “Corriere della Sera”.

I use this opportunity to announce my resignation, due to old age; I can no longer ignore the signs of weakening. (…) Old age is showing its effects – limitations and difficulties – on the tasks which a head of state has. The reforms must be continued, and the election of an Italian President is a test of maturity for the political class. (…) I gave everything I had in the years in which I have been head of the state, for the purpose of healing the wounds that have undermined the national unity

Giorgio Napolitano
President of Italy