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miercuri, 20 octombrie 2021 - 16:15

The Ponta 4 Government will be submitted to the Parliament. COMPOSITION


The future Government will have one deputy, 18 full ministers and 3 delegates


The new Ponta 4 Government, which is to be presented on Monday in the Parliament to receive the vote of confidence, has already been discussed within the coalition.

According to some sources, the Ponta 4 Government will only have 18 full ministers and three delegated ministers. Furthermore, the future team of Victor Ponta will only have one deputy prime minister.

          Gabriel Oprea (UNPR) – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior

          Ioan Rus (PSD) – Minister of Transport

          Liviu Dragnea (PSD) – Minister of Regional Development

          Mihai Tudose (PSD) – Minister of Economy

          Darius Valcov (PSD) – Minister of Finance and Budget

          Daniel Constantin (PC) – Minister of Agriculture

          Nicolae Banicoiu (PSD) – Minister of Health

          Rovana Plumb (PSD) – Minister of Labour

          Andrei Gerea (PLR) – Minister of Energy and SMEs

          Sorin Campeanu (PC) – Minister of Education and Research

          Gratiela Gavrilescu (PLR) – Minister of Environment

          Mircea Dusa (PSD) – Minister of Defense

          Bogdan Aurescu – Minister of External Affairs

          Robert Cazanciuc (PSD) – Minister of Justice

          Sorin Grindeanu (PSD) – Minister of Communications

          Ionut Vulpescu (PSD) – Minister of Culture

          Gabriela Szabo (PSD) – Minister of Youth and Sports

          Eugen Teodorovici (PSD) – Minister of EU funds

          Eugen Nicolicea (UNPR) – Delegate Minister for Relations with the Parliament

          Liviu Pop (PSD) – Delegate Minister for Social Dialogue

          Adrian Anghel (PSD) – Delegate Minister for Diaspora