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luni, 3 octombrie 2022 - 18:11
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Tattoos and ‘devil-worshiping’ hairstyles, banned in Iran




Apparently, if you have a spiky hairstyle in Iran, you’re definitely a devil worshiper. This also applies to tattoos and other bodily ornaments (piercings for example).

A lot of the youngsters have started to wear jagged haircuts, and this has angered officials, who have categorized them as un-Islamic and western, and have therefore banned them.

Mostafa Govahi, chief of The Iran’s Barbers Union has declared ‘devil-worshipping’ hairstyles forbidden. He has warned that any barber shop found cutting hair in the ‘devil-worshipping’ style will be punished by having their license removed.

Solarium treatments, plucking eyebrows, and tattoos have also been newly banned. Govahi also stated that the barber shops which cut jagged hairstyles are unauthorized ones, and that they will be dealt with.


Sursa foto: timeslive.co.za