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Supermodel Natalia Mateut, sentenced to prison


The daughter of former Dinamo international footballer has to do jail time in Netherlands

Natalia Mateut

The daughter of former Dinamo internationalist, Dorin Mateut, was sentenced to a month in prison by The Court of Amsterdam for purchases of over 100.000$ with cloned cards.

The offenses were committed, according to the sentence consulted by Sursa Zilei, between the 25th of March and the 2nd of April. Natalia Mateut was arrested on the 2nd of April 2011 just outside a Burberry Store and the information of her release was made public two days later by her father.

According to the sentence, the time spent in preventive arrest will be deducted from the actual sentence, but it is unclear if the sentence is suspended for a while. At the time of her arrest, the supermodel had a bag with her, containing a belt and two Burberry scarves. The indictment stated that she intentionally used payment methods that she was aware were false during her week-long stay in the capital city of Netherlands. Using four cloned American Express cards, Natalia Mateut would spend no less than 111.700 Euros in Burberry, Luis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Salvatore Feragamo, Chanel and Dotato stores but also to pay the bill for the 5-star hotel, Barbizon Palace.

According to the expertise of the file, none of the four credit cards that were used for shopping in Amsterdam corresponds with the magnetic tape, being mere imitations of actual credit cards of the same type, having elements of authenticity apparently present, but with suspicious security equipment and systems. The characteristics of the cards that were used by Natalia Mateut show that she intended to deceive the vigilance of the stores’ employees.

The judges, however, noted only a part of the charges brought by the prosecutor, who had requested four months in prison “according to the gravity of the facts, the circumstances and the profile of the accused person”. The prosecution mentioned that Natalia Mateut showed “healing” by giving back a series of Burberry merchandise that were thought to have been bought by her. The sentence shows that the supermodel last appeared in front of the judicial bodies of Amsterdam on the 4th of October. The court was considering a two-month sentence but it was cut in half due to the fact that it’s an old file. The judges also decided that the goods will be returned to their rightful owners.