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sâmbătă, 25 septembrie 2021 - 12:48

Study: Cooking at home versus food delivery in Romania


A study conducted in Romania reveals that 43% of Romanians have stated they cook daily while 14% order food with home delivery 2-3 times a week, according to Reveal Marking Research.

The research indicates that when ordering food, 55% of the respondents expect to receive their food still warm while 45% want the delivery to be made in conditions of maximum hygiene. The study also shows that 37% want their food to be delivered in a short time and over 20% mentioned that they expect the delivery to be free and without a minimum value per order. Less than 10% expect online payments and delivery without contact with the supplier. 

The study shows that 46% of parents say they cook everyday for their children and 23% indicate they cook between 2 and 3 times a week. Significantly more low-income parents cook for children every day (50%) versus high-income parents (34%).

However, when they are not cooking, parents order food with home delivery through food delivery applications and 15% of parents say they usually order food 2-3 times a week.

Children prefer to order certain meals from the menu and parents have said that pizza (54%), french fries (27%) and burgers (23%) are at the top of preferences. When eating, 62% of children sit at the table without other distractions, 29% watch TV and 22% play on the phone or tablet.

The collection method for the project is CAWI (computer-assisted web interview). The data was collected on a nationally representative sample (urban and rural) between 24.08.2021 and 29.08.2021 with 1007 interviews + Margin of error is +/- 3%.