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joi, 29 iulie 2021 - 14:59

Study: A positive state of mind in Romanians continues to grow through the pandemic


In Romania, career-driven individuals and traditional families (23%) are the most satisfied group in terms of their general state of mind. The highest percentage of those pertaining to the state of mind was 11% more than in April according to a study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research. 

The main results of the study showed that fatigue is steadily decreasing (from 27% in May 2020 to 7% in May 2021) and indicates that a positive state of mind in individuals is continually growing as 71% are satisfied with their current state of mind (up from 56% in May 2020), their leisure time (from 50% in May 2020 to 53% in May 2021) and perceived state of health (from 42 to 54%). 

“In Romania, the decision to ease some of the restrictions announced by the authorities on May 13, generated a series of positive emotions among Romanians,” said CEO of Reveal Marketing Research, Marius Luican. 

In May, the area of love, friendship and joy ranked first place with an increase of 3% compared to May 2020. Overcoming obstacles and change takes second place as the motivation of Romanians during June saw a decrease of 3%. 

The lifting of traffic restrictions at night and the lifting of the mask restrictions outdoors contributed to the increase of the importance of social relations.

The area of stability, responsibility and faith decreased by 8% as compared to April and continues to decrease since March. Compared to 2020, stability, responsibility, and faith decreased in importance (5%). Romanians seem to feel an acute need for social relations.

According to the analysis at a national level, there was a high percentage in several aspects of life, compared to April. The highest percentage was found in the state of mind of individuals (11% more than in April), financial situation (6% more than in April) and leisure (1% more compared to April). The month-to-month increases may be associated with the announcement of new relaxation measures that came into force on 1 June.

The study revealed that Romanians satisfaction with the way they spend their free time is still on an increase (from 50% in May 2020 to 53% in May 2021), along with income satisfaction (from 46 % in May 2020, to 49% in May 2021).

Modern families continue to be the most satisfied group in terms of career/ job and income along with young professionals.

In May, an increase in spending on products was observed in the purchasing of basic needs (food, hygiene, cleaning and other utilities, etc.). Expenses that meet the need for social integration (outings in the city, pubs, restaurants) increase by 6%, most likely against the background of eliminating the restrictions that limited to a certain extent the social life of Romanians (especially on weekends).

The research reveals that products for personal development and self-esteem are often seen consumed by millennials (hobby-related products and technology products in particular, with percentages over 18%).

Among the products with a social integration component, the most consumed are gifts for loved ones (23%). For this component, the highest sales are generated by modern families and the are that save the most are single adults, millennials, and young professionals (almost 30%).

In urban areas, single people save the most (28%), followed by young professionals (27%) and in rural areas, the most economical are families with children (32%) and young professionals (16%).

The collection method for the project was CAWI (computer-assisted web interview). The data was collected from May 2020 and May 2021, on a nationally representative sample (urban and rural), on a sample of 1022 respondents. The margin of error is +/- 3%.