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Six Balkan foreign ministers to discuss the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina


British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss stated that the foreign ministers of six Western Balkan countries will meet in London on Monday to discuss the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to Novinte.com 

The talks will take place against a background of „peak tensions in the region”. The UN High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt warned that the country faces the most dangerous existential threat in the post-war period and there is a real prospect of further division and conflict.

The UK is working with international partners to tackle the threat in the name of stabilization in order to maintain the hard-won democratic progress of the last 26 years, according to a statement.

The meeting in London will be attended by the foreign ministers of AlbaniaBosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as representatives of the United States and the EU.

„The current situation in the Balkans was also discussed by the foreign ministers of the G7 countries last weekend in Liverpool,” the British ministry said.

In early December, the British government set up a new diplomatic post – Special Representative for the Western Balkans to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was occupied by former NATO Military Committee Chairman Marshal Stuart Peach. Truss called his appointment a clear demonstration of London’s desire to „uphold democracy and freedom” in the region.