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sâmbătă, 25 septembrie 2021 - 12:08

SIREN-Romanian Energy Symposium 2021 to take place September 6 – 8


The Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (RNC-WEC) will organize between September 6 – 8, the Romanian Energy Symposium 2021 – SIREN, which is to host relevant debates on the transition of the Romanian energy sector, to the targets Romania has committed to as a EU member state.

There are 4 main events on the SIREN program: debate sessions on current national topics to support the main theme of the symposium, as well as four communication sessions where plenary presentations and posters of the scientific papers authored by Romanian energy experts and members of the Romanian academic community are expected.

“The necessity and importance of the event are given by the timeliness of the EU economic relaunch and by the promotion of financing and support programs such as Green Deal, Next Generation, Just Transition Fund, initiated by the European Union and which see the participation of member states.
The entire legislative framework, Package 55, needs to be redrawn, which involves changing the Electricity Law, the Renewable energy Law, the Energy efficiency Law, that is, the primary legislation,” said RNC-WEC Chair Iulian Iancu.

The Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (RNC-WEC) is a professional, apolitical, non-governmental, non-profit organization that includes the largest national network of energy experts.

RNC-WEC is the main energy organization in Romania and is a founding member of the World Energy Council since 1924.

RNC-WEC brings together the interests of various Romanian institutions and organizations involved in energy and its relationship with the economy and the environment, of experts and of the civil society, Agerpres informs.