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Romania’s new Health Minister outlines priorities of her mandate


Ioana Mihăilă was sworn in as Romania’s new Minister of Health on Wednesday one week after the dismissal of Vlad Voiculescu former Health Minister with her focus on managing the pandemic, according to Romania-Insider.  

Mihăilă plans to attract and use EU funds for healthcare infrastructure investments, increase access to basic medical services and reform the hospitals’ management.

„As part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), we proposed EUR 2.6 billion investments in hospital infrastructure and if correctly implemented it can create the difference between life and death between receiving adequate treatment in the country and having to seek options abroad,” said Mihăilă at a press conference on Wednesday. 

The new Health Minister explained that investments worth EUR 330 million are planned to increase access to healthcare services and that well-trained people are needed in order to achieve the reform of the hospitals’ management.

Mihăilă added that she would continue “without hesitation” the projects started during the mandate of her predecessor Vlad Voiculescu.

„I am here to do a job, I worked well with Vlad Voiculescu, and I expect to work well with Florin Cîţu,” said Mihăilă.