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Romania’s Foreign Ministry summons Russian ambassador over drone incident


Romania’s Foreign Ministry summoned Russian Ambassador Valeri Kuzmin on Thursday in response to the latest incident involving a Russian drone that fell on Romanian territory overnight, according to Euractiv.

Following an overnight on-site investigation, joint teams from the Defence and Interior Ministries reported a 1.5-metre deep crater resulting from the uncontrolled crash of a drone used in the attack on Ukrainian port infrastructure.

The incident occurred in an uninhabited area about 4 kilometres upstream from Grindu. Romania immediately notified NATO of the situation.

In response to continued Russian drone attacks on Ukrainian port infrastructure near the Ukrainian-Romanian border, Romanian Air Force F-16s and German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft conducted surveillance missions.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry also summoned Russian Ambassador Kuzmin and had a strong message for Russia.

“This is a new violation of Romania’s airspace, contrary to international law,” the ministry said, calling for an end to the repeated attacks on the Ukrainian population and civilian infrastructure.

This incident adds to a series of recent incidents near Romania’s border with Ukraine.