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Romania’s central bank says it raises interest rates at own pace


Romania’s central bank defended its decision to raise interest rates less than expected this week, saying it’s paying more attention to the nation’s faltering growth than looking at steps taken by other policymakers in the region, according to Bloomberg. 

On Monday, the rate-setters raised borrowing costs by 25 basis points to 2%, a move predicted by five out of 11 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. The other six expected a 50 basis-point hike. 

“We are of course looking at what the other central banks are doing, we can’t be decoupled from the region and we are too in a process of tightening the monetary policy, but we’re following our own strategy that’s adapted to the particularities of the Romanian economy,” bank spokesman Dan Suciu said by phone on Tuesday.

“We are raising the key rate at our own pace,” added Suciu.

 Suciu stated that the bank is taking into consideration how such steps will impact the already slowing economic growth hampered by the pandemic, the global energy crisis and the aftermath of a prolonged political crisis.