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Romanian President Traian Basescu, in front of the judges


The Head of State will make some statements in the file in which the person who spat on him in the Port of Constanta is being judged

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Traian Basescu will have to appear before the court one month before he completes his mandate. The Romanian President will have to give a statement in front of the judges of the trial in which Adrian Zglobiu is being judged, the man who spat on him six months before, in the Port of Constanta.

Adrian Zglobiu was indicted on the 23rd of June, for disturbing the public order. The spokesman for the Prosecution from near the Tribunal of Constanta, Zafer Sadic, has confirmed for Sursa Zilei that criminalist prosecutor Teodor Nita closed the offense of assault and other violent crimes, for which criminal prosecution was initiated against Zglobiu, because the facts do not exist.

For this offense to be supported, an act of violence which has been medically certified must be involved. Instead, the prosecutor noted the staining of the dignity and reputation of the Romanian President, Zglobiu’s act of spitting inspiring the outrage of the people who were present.