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sâmbătă, 23 septembrie 2023 - 13:04
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Romanian Navy leads NATO multinational training exercise ‘Sea Shield 21’


The General Staff of the Romanian Naval Forces (SMFN) on Wednesday informed that over 2,400 soldiers from eight states, 18 warships and 10 aircraft are to participate between March 19 and 29 in ‘Sea Shield 21‘, the largest and most complex NATO multinational exercise organized by the Romanian Naval Forces in the Black Sea area, according to Agerpres.

The training activities are to be led by the Fleet Command and the participating forces from Bulgaria, Greece, Holland, Poland, Romania, Spain, United States of America and Turkey.

NATO’s Allied Maritime Command participates with the permanent naval group SNMG-2 (Standing NATO Maritime Group), which also includes the „Regina Maria” frigate.

The main objective of the exercise ‘Sea Shield 21’, is to verify and strengthen the level of interoperability and cooperation between the Romanian Navy, the Romanian Army, various structures subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other NATO Naval Forces.

Foreign military ships will dock in the port of Constanta, between March 17 and 19 for a stopover to restore combat capability and to prepare the last organizational details.