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Romanian government endorses new and improved ‘cap and subsidy’ scheme for energy prices


The Romanian government approved on Tuesday the revised ‘cap and subsidy’ scheme for residential and industrial energy consumers to be enforced from February 1 until the end of March, according to Romania-Insider.

The new scheme envisages lower cap prices for electricity and natural gas and for households, larger monthly quotas for subsidies. The households with monthly consumption of under 500kWh (versus 300kWh previously) will receive a subsidy, besides having the price capped at RON 0.8 per kWh (RON 1 per kWh previously).

In addition to the categories of non-residential users previously included in the law (such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, universities, NGOs), the scheme has been expanded for almost all non-household consumers.

„I am referring to absolutely all non-household consumers, with the exception of large electricity consumers who have benefited from Ordinance 81 on a state aid scheme approved by the European Commission. We are also in talks with the Commission to renew this scheme,” said Energy Minister Virgil Popescu, according to Economedia.ro.

Popescu stated that the RON 3 bln (EUR 600 mln) budget for the scheme is sufficient for the revised format.