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joi, 28 octombrie 2021 - 23:43

Romanian-German startup StageMe.Live aims to raise EUR 160 000 financing


Romanian-German startup StageMe.Live, developer of a live video streaming tool for e-commerce platforms, said on Monday that it started its first round of financing. The company aims to raise EUR 160,000, the equivalent of 10% of the company, as its pre-money valuation is EUR 1.6 million.

The financing round is aimed at investors interested in technology and, specifically, tech startups in areas with potential for growth in the immediate future, the company said, according to Romania Insider.

The StageMe.Live SaaS solution targets online stores that want to increase their sales and customer engagement and retain their current customers with the help of a new marketing channel: live video streaming.

This solution offers interactive, personalized shopping sessions that enhance end-user experience and allow customers to find answers to questions that would otherwise prevent them from completing online purchases.

StageMe.Live is based on the solid experience of 5 entrepreneurs who have been developing and marketing software products for over 15 years.

Christian Roth, an entrepreneur born in Germany, from a Romanian family, with a background in finance and law, is the CEO and initiator of the project, together with entrepreneur and developer Andrei Buze – CTO in this project and Mihai Motocu – COO and serial entrepreneur.

The team also includes Sandu Băbășan, the strategic advisor at StageMe.Live and CEO of Blugento, and Marius Roman, entrepreneur, lawyer by profession, with expertise in financial law, M&A transactions and technology, who joined the project as a business advisor.

The financing round will help the startup develop its live video streaming solution and add new facilities, with the main goal of increasing the recurring income to attract a future round of investments. The target is to have 500 active customers in the first year.

At first, the solution will be designed for online stores in Romania and the DACH region (Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland). Later on, StageMe.Live will expand its presence in other European countries.