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sâmbătă, 12 iunie 2021 - 17:33

Romania will submit to Brussels PNRR the with entire sum of €29.2 billion


Romanian Prime Minister Florin Cîţu said on Thursday that Romania will submit the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) with the entire sum of €29.2 billion, according to Agerpres. 

Cîţu explained at the end of the government meeting, his visit to Brussels regarding the PNRR and the objectives for the ministers in the coming weeks in order for them to ensure that the best plan is presented to the European Commission for approval.

“I was there to ensure that we are on the right path with the PNRR. I want a schedule that will result in the approval from the moment it is submitted,” said Cîţu after the Government meeting.

“I presented to the European Commission our objectives of the reform and our objectives in regards to the economy and the way in which the PNRR will be a support in the coming period in the economic growth and reform,” added Cîţu.

The Prime Minister said he assured the Head of the European Commission that the current Government in Bucharest will make the reforms happen and explained why Romania needs a PNRR that supports the reform part.