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Romania to strengthen energy subsidies for households


Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said that the ruling coalition agreed on Monday to lower the electricity and gas cap and increase the consumption limit from February 1, according to Agerpres.

Ciuca said in parliament that the cap and subsidy support scheme enforced as of November 1 will be maintained, but the parameters will be revised. Thus, the maximum electricity price charged by suppliers is capped over the two-month period at RON 0.8 per kWh instead of RON 1 in November-January.

„The consumption limit will increase from 300 KW to 500 KW for which this price is calculated. In practice, there is a compensation of 0.291 lei per kWh, which will mean that 0.68 bani per kWh will be charged to the consumer,” said Ciuca in Parliament on Monday. 

For the natural gas, a similar adjustment was operated: the price will be capped at RON 0.31 per kWh from RON 0.37 and the limit for household consumption was increased from 1,000kWh to 1,500kWh (in view of receiving subsidies).

The intensity of the subsidy was increased from 33% to 40% so that the final price paid by households with a monthly consumption under the ceiling will be RON 0.22 per kWh.

Ciuca stated that for SMEs, schools, hospitals, churches, the food industry, a price of 0.37 lei per kWh will be ensured.

The Prime Minister explained that all wrongly issued invoices would be reversed and resent without people being disconnected or paying penalties. Authorities will take steps to ensure that the invoices sent by suppliers for the period since November, in breach of the regulations.