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Romania to introduce the Passenger Locator Form next week


The Romanian government approved the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) on Wednesday which will come into force as of 20 December and must be completed by all travellers entering Romania, according to Romania-Insider. 

Health Minister Alexandru Rafila stated that this form would help the public health directorates (DSP) conduct epidemiological investigations quickly and take the necessary measures to test or isolate infected people.

“Travellers must complete this form 24 hours before entering Romania. If they fail to do so, they can also complete it after entering the country within a maximum of 24 hours. Those who miss this time interval risk to be sanctioned,” said Rafila quoted by Digi24.

According to government spokesman Dan Cărbunaru, the fine will be between RON 2,000 and RON 3,000.

The border police will check the form. In case a family is travelling together, only one adult member of the family can complete the PLF. For children, the obligation to complete the PLF belongs to the parent, guardian or legal representative.

The form can be filled in online by accessing the plf.gov.ro website and will be completed and presented at the entrance to the country to the authorized persons at the border crossing points.

The completed data will be accessed only by authorized DSP employees and will be used strictly for the purpose of conducting epidemiological investigations,” Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Wednesday morning.