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Romania to borrow €305mln from EIB to build hospital in Cluj


Romania‘s Ministry of Finance announced on Thursday that it has approved a €305mln loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB), to be used to co-finance the construction of a regional hospital in Cluj, according to See News. 

“The loan represents approximately 67% of the net cost of the project,” said the Ministry of Finance in a press release.

The remaining €150.4mln will come from the state budget and non-reimbursable funds. The loan amount can be withdrawn in up to 30 tranches with a minimum value of €10mln each.

The new regional hospital in Cluj will have 744 beds in the emergency care ward and 105 beds for intensive care. The project will be completed in 2026.

“This loan is the second of three which the Ministry of Finance has agreed to take out from the European Investment Bank to finance the construction of regional emergency hospitals in Iasi, Cluj and Craiova. The total estimated cost of these investments is approximately €1.5bln,” said the Ministry of Finance.

In mid-2019, the EIB signed additional Project Advisory Support Service Agreements (PASSAs) worth €20mln with Romanian authorities for technical assistance for the construction of the three hospitals.