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duminică, 25 februarie 2024 - 11:13
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Republic of Moldova at forefront of Kremlin’s hybrid war, says Romanian FM


The Republic of Moldova has found itself at the forefront of a hybrid war orchestrated by the Kremlin, Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Luminița Odobescu said on Tuesday following a meeting with the new Moldovan Foreign Affairs Minister Mihai Popșoi, who was in Bucharest for his inaugural foreign visit, according to Euractiv.

The two officials highlighted the regional security landscape and the implications of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Speaking at a joint press conference with her Moldovan counterpart, Odobescu highlighted the immense challenges faced by the administration in Chisinau over the past two years. “The Republic of Moldova is on the front line of the hybrid war orchestrated by the Kremlin”, she said.

She added that the Republic of Moldova has encountered “manipulation attempts and various actions visibly orchestrated from outside” but emphasized the country’s resilience and commitment to its European trajectory, bolstering its institutional capacities.

The Romanian foreign minister expressed confidence in Popșoi, who assumed office at the end of January, to take ”resolute” measures to enhance Republic of Moldova’s resilience and security.

Odobescu assured her counterpart that Republic of Moldova would never be ”alone.”

Turning to the broader regional context, Odobescu stressed the importance of Ukraine’s victory for the security and stability of the Black Sea region, noting that international support extends beyond Ukraine “to defend the principles and norms of the rules-based international order”.

Popșoi described the past two years as a ”great challenge” for Republic of Moldova but also ”an opportunity for positive transformation towards European integration”.

Odobescu commended Moldova’s visible and appreciated reform efforts, reaffirming Romania’s steadfast support throughout the process.