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duminică, 25 iulie 2021 - 5:38

PM Cîțu: Today we celebrate Hungarian community in Romania


Prime Minister Florin Cîțu sent a message on Monday, on the occasion of March 15 national holiday of Hungarians that it celebrates both this community and the good coexistence that has developed in recent decades, according to Agerpres. 

“March 15 is the most important holiday of the Hungarian community in Romania. We are different in culture and traditions, but these differences do not separate us, we are not adversaries on the contrary, we must be united in diversity, to become stronger and wiser, to build together, to create values. Understanding differences and appreciating the values of the other can contribute to mutual recognition and implicitly to harmonious coexistence. Today we celebrate the Hungarian community in Romania, but also the good coexistence we have developed in the past decades,” said Cîțu

The Prime Minister explained that it is time to lay the foundations for a common future, for the development of the country.

“It is time to lay the foundations for a common future, to develop this country together. I am firmly convinced that only together will we be able to build the country we want to live in. In the past year, we have all gone through many trials and unprecedented situations. The pandemic has taught us how important it is to have reliable partners, and we will overcome this moment together. Our efforts and sacrifices will lead us to a better future, a better life for all of us, added Cîțu.

“Dear fellow Hungarians, I send you my best thoughts on the occasion of the Day of Hungarians Everywhere. Many happy returns of the day to all Hungarians in Romania,” said Prime Minister Cîțu.