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vineri, 3 decembrie 2021 - 12:36
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Parents strike in Canada because of sex-Ed classes




A number of teachers, parents and students are striking because of the introduction of sex-Ed classes in Ontario schools.

“Parents & Students on strike: one week no school” is the name of the group encouraging this action. They are telling parents to keep their children at home because of the sex-Ed curriculum of 2015.

They have also sent letters to schools saying that the lessons are inappropriate and oppose familial principles and beliefs.

Fortunately, the schools are not closing due to this. Children who do not attend classes will be marked as absent and will miss the lessons that will be taught with or without them. The students and their parents will therefore be responsible for making up for lost work.

 The curriculum is as follows: students in Grade 3 will be taught about same-sex relationships, Grade 4 students will learn about puberty and the dangers of online bullying, Grade 6 students will receive lessons about gender expression and about masturbation, and Grade 7 students will learn about sexually transmitted diseases and how to avoid them.

Some of the parents see this as “deviant sexual practices” or “child abuse”, but the Premier of Ontario declared that the curriculum will be in effect starting next September, as has been planned.


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