OFFICIAL: The Malaysian plane that crashed in Ukraine was shot down by a Russian rocket

    Dutch prosecutors have completed the inquiry regarding the aviation tragedy in Donetsk

    avion ucraina

    The Malaysian Boeing 777 airplane that crashed last summer in the Donetsk region in Eastern Ukraine, with 298 people on board, was shot down by a missile launched by a Buk Russian System, guided, most likely, by a Russian crew, according to the press service of the Netherlands Prosecution. The inquiry was conducted by the JIT (Joint Investigation Team) forensic international group.

    According to the investigation, the rocket was brought from Russia to Ukraine, shortly before the tragedy, as confirmed by numerous photos, videos and witness statements.

    Investigators of the Joint Investigation Team collected and processed over one million documents, photos and videos, a huge volume of materials which imposed the significant widening of the analyst group.

    Currently, experts must establish not only the circle of suspects and gather evidence against them, but also provide sufficient facts and evidence to the court in order for a verdict to be pronounced. The prosecutor team is working on this at the moment.

    Furthermore, the Dutch Prosecution stated that there is “clear evidence” that the Russian secret services are “constantly trying to enter” the IT Systems of the police and prosecution in the Netherlands.

    Thus, the smartphones and laptops which the investigators used in Ukraine and were connected to the local Internet had to be destroyed. The reason – spyware programs.

    In some cases they even had to remove some Dutch police officers’ accounts on social networks because they had been subject to hacker attacks and could be infected.