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New UN weather chief calls to bolster warning systems for extreme weather


The new head of the United Nations weather agency said Tuesday that strengthening early warning systems that monitor when and where extreme weather will happen is a key priority for her administration that will help reduce the risk of natural disasters that are exacerbated by climate change, according to AP News.

Celeste Saulo, an Argentine and the first female secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization said the agency will enhance the accessibility of weather data and make timely and lifesaving information available to all.

“We stand at the intersection of inequality and climate change, and our strategies must reflect the urgency of the times,” she said in introductory remarks at a press briefing for U.N. agencies.

Early warning systems make it possible to forecast weather occurrences by monitoring the atmosphere in real time. They help people prepare for potentially fatal events including floods, heat waves and tropical storms.